What is a True Comfort Report Card?


Your peace of mind is our goal. Whenever one of our technicians visits your home, we ask him to use his experience and training to look at the entire system and to share the benefit of his thoughts with you.

He may be there to do an annual preventive maintenance on the heater – but he will also take a look at other important home comfort items like your air conditioner, water heater, oil tank and indoor air quality items.

We all lead busy lives and keeping track of the condition of our heating and cooling system and learning about new equipment that can be helpful, isn’t something that most of us keep up with. Typically we know if the system is running or not.

Over the years, we have come up with a pretty reliable scoring system to give you a good idea of where your equipment stands. Our technician will share the results of these tests with you and give you our exclusive written “Report Card”.  He can send you an e-mail copy of the Report Card for your records via e-mail.

The goal is to give you a “heads up”. We want to tell you about potential issues before they become a problem.

Rating              What Does This Mean?

0                         Not safe to operate (Cracked heater or broken compressor)

1                          Unit is running but it is time to start thinking about replacement.                 

2                          Solid equipment in good working order

3                          New equipment which is probably under warranty

Something that is rated a “0” needs immediate attention. On the other hand something rated a “2” or a “3” is working just fine. The issue becomes when something is rated a “1”. This is means the unit is running as well as it possibly can – and in fact it may continue to run. But it has reached the end of its normal expected life and there may be more efficient alternatives for you to think about. It is costing you money by using too much energy and perhaps too much in repairs. The goal is to give you a “heads up”.

If we do give some of your equipment a rating of “1”, this is a great opportunity to have one of our consultants visit – at zero charge – to talk with you in depth about the system and explain what it would cost to upgrade your equipment as well as what sort of savings and other improvements in comfort you would expect.

By the way, Energize Delaware can help by offering you thousands of dollars in rebates to install new high efficiency equipment. Please visit our website to learn more about how this program can help you.

He might also make suggestions for things like whole house dehumidifiers, air filters, chimney liners or electrical surge protectors.

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