Energize Delaware Success Story

The middle of the winter is the absolute wrong time for your heater to give up the ghost.

Amber and Sean S. were in just this fix. Their furnace broke down earlier this winter. Dave Gorman, one of our senior techs came right over and diagnosed the problem – a bad furnace control board.


Although he was able to make a temporary repair so that they had heat for the night, they were looking at a significant repair bill.

Before making the repair though, they spoke with Jim Hess – one of our sales consultants – who walked them through the benefits of the Energize Delaware program

The result – rather than patch together an old heater – they were able to invest in both a new high efficiency furnace and air conditioner. And they received a check for $2,000 from the Energize Delaware program to help.

Read their letter below:

“We woke to a chilly house one early December morning.  I didn’t think much of it and turned thermostat up.  You could hear the system kick on but the heat never blew.  What we had been fearing for the past couple of years seemed to be coming to fruition. 

We had been in our house for 15 years, and this was the heating system that was already here when we moved in, so we knew sooner or later it was gonna give us problems.  I just don’t think we considered that it may happen right before Christmas.  Having three kids, we were not quite sure how we were going to manage a heater repair, in addition to Christmas…..sorry kids, this year you get heat, Merry Christmas!  But seriously, we had to figure it out somehow.

I called my dad first, as always, to come check it out and see if it was something simple he knew how to fix.  Unfortunately, this was not the case; so I called my second “dad”, my neighbor, Jim Hess.  Jim has always been a wonderful friend and neighbor to our family.  He has always looked out for us since we’ve moved in, and we’d do anything for him and his family.  To make things even better, he happens to work for Burns & McBride!  Almost immediately after contacting Jim, he had a technician from Burns & McBride out to our house.  After speaking with the technician, we were given the news, an expensive repair to get it up and running, maybe giving us a few more years, or replacing the entire HVAC system, which, we knew, would ultimately need to be done.  We didn’t know how we were going to afford this new and unexpected cost.  Jim reviewed options with us, in addition to payment plans, etc.  We have known Jim for many years and trust him completely.  He then informed us about the Energize Delaware program, and the opportunity to get $2000 back in the form of a rebate if we chose to replace our entire system. 

Jim explained the program to us, and although I trust him, I couldn’t help but think, it can’t be that easy.  But it was.  We decided to replace the entire system in the end.  With a bit of help from different places.  Jim walked us through the entire process and what would happen from installation, to the Energize Delaware audit afterwards, and the expected time to receive the rebate. 

A couple of days later, Burns & McBride was here, removed our old system and put in the new one.  As Jim advised, about a week or so later an Energize Delaware representative come out to our home and conducted an audit on our new system, ensuring its efficiency, as well as offering any other ways to keep our home efficient.  I was ready to be pressured into buying something, because I figured there had to be a catch, but there wasn’t.  The Energize Delaware representative was honest and professional.  He made suggestions for our home as her thought appropriate, but never in a pressuring way.  We were provided with a report of all of the findings, as well as energy efficient light bulbs and shower heads.  The audit itself does have a $100 cost.  However, paying $100 to get a $2000 rebate back on our new heating system, seemed like a no brainer.  A couple of weeks later another Energize Delaware representative came out and conducted a quick audit of the equipment finalizing the rebate paperwork.

Within two weeks, we got our $2000 rebate check in the mail as promised.  It really was as easy as that. 

I can’t imagine why anyone would not take advantage of such a great offer.  I am so glad that we were able to learn about it and benefit from it. “

Amber & Sean S.

Newark, DE

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