Electrostatic Air Cleaners vs Standard Filters


It’s hard to get down the aisle at one of the local “Big Box” stores without tripping over the display filled with high efficiency air filters/

Are these a good investment?

In our experience many times, the answer is “No”. First of all they are expensive. Secondly they can be too restrictive. Is there a better way?

All filters are designed to capture dirt and dust which is floating in the air as it circulates through your heating system. Regular air filters are designed to capture the big pieces. High efficiency filters are typically more restrictive – in other words they are more tightly woven – making it harder for the air to get through. This is an effort to capture smaller pieces. The problem is that many times it chokes off the air in the furnace – like trying to drink a thick milkshake through a straw. This causes a problem known as high static pressure which can damage your heating equipment and shorten its life

Frankly this is one of the most common problems our technicians run across.

Polarized filters are designed to capture these small particles without puting a strain on your heating system. How do they do it? They use a slight electrical charge to attract the dirt – very similar to the way dust clings to a television screen. Because of this, they are not as restrictive as the “Big Box” filters and are easier on your equipment.

We have looked at a number of air filtration products over the years – from simple 1″ paper filters through very expensive electronic air cleaners. In our experience these polarized filters offer the best balance of efficiency and cost.  Normally these Polarized filters are $695 however through March 31st, they are $506 – a discount of 15%.

They are come with a one year supply of replaceable filter elements. An additional year supply of thee filters are available through us for $85

Just call us at 656-5110 and we will be happy to have one of technicians visit and install this filter

 Get more information on the benefits of these filters by clicking here

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